Upcoming Events!

Here are some fun local events where you can find us this weekend! The Whistle Stop – Elkhorn Thursday, September 10 through Saturday, September 12th Check out their annual “Autumn Gatherings” fall show to find handmades, primitives, and, of course Poverty Hills Pumpkins! For details, be sure to check out http://www.thewhistlestopcountrystore.com! Venice Antique Mall’s Fall … Continue reading

Almost Autumn….

Hello again! It’s been too long since my last post! We have had a busy summer with a lot of things happening since then! It’s hard to believe, but the 2009 pumpkin harvest has begun! We are very excited about all the different kinds we will have this fall! It’s looking like the best pumpkin … Continue reading

Pumpkins that actually look like… well pumpkins!

It’s always exciting what you stumble onto in the patch…. Aaron was thrilled to find a Fourth of July surprise! A pumpkin that was grown up enough to look like a real pumpkin instead of a pumpkin “bud” in the patch last weekend! This particular variety is a favorite of mine… a flattened white heirloom … Continue reading

What a difference sixteen days makes!

Wow… What a difference sixteen days makes! This year is the first year we have been using photos to chronicle the pumpkin growing progress throughout the season. We are always amazed at how fast the plants seem to take off and start growing… but we were blown away when we actually compared pictures of the … Continue reading

Public Enemies

Every year we dread… the arrival of cucumber beetles, our most frustrating pests in the pumpkin patch.  It’s amazing to watch how these pests can flock in hoards to our patch of pumpkins.  That’s why the arrival of the first cucumber beetles was not a pleasant surprise.  Cucumber beetles, of which there are two different … Continue reading

Pumpkins are here!

This summer is flying by so fast…. It’s hard to believe that we are almost to the Fourth of July! It seems like not so long ago we were picking out seeds and transplanting little pumpkins. The patch is growing fast with vines reaching in every direction! It is truly amazing to compare pictures of … Continue reading

Grow… baby grow!

They grow up so fast… We are impressed at how fabulous the first transplants are looking! I have to admit… they didn’t always look like this. In fact–we were pretty worried as to whether or not they would make it. We started the season out with a pretty severe aphid infestation. Little did we know, … Continue reading

After the work… the reward!

After such hard work… When we visited the farm this weekend, it was so nice to see the little rounded cotyledons popping up out of the ground from the last batch of hills we just planted. Thank goodness for the nice rain we received over the weekend! (Although it only lets us procrastinate installing our … Continue reading

Very impressive…

Take that weeds! Here’s a little update on our post about growing your own mulch! As you might have noticed in a previous post, only half of the field had the rye grass mulch while the rest of the field still had living rye grass. Well… since then Aaron has sprayed the living rye portion … Continue reading

Where is Tuxpan?

“Whoa! Look at these!!” I exclaimed to Aaron when I shook the seeds from their packet into my palm as I was preparing to plant them in the soil. These had to be the biggest, weirdest seeds I had ever seen! I turned them over in my hands examining the oversized shimmery white seeds that … Continue reading