Farm Fresh

Last week we got to go on a rescue mission to a farm in North-Central Nebraska.

This was the coolest farm! This place had been in the same family since 1904 and was so incredibly rich with history and great stories! It was definitely the first farm place I had ever been on that had recycled tombstones in the walkway, an old race car from the 1950s in the trees, a house with two staircases¬† leading to two rooms that didn’t meet, and an old piano in the barn. The family curator that gave us the tour said growing up she thought nothing about hearing music coming from the barn when the farm cats played on the keys–but it sure made visitors wonder about ghosts in the barn when the came to visit.

We felt so fortunate to be able to sift through their seven outbuildings and house rescuing unwanted pieces. We are so excited about our finds and can’t wait to bring them back to life! Here are a few favorites…

We loved the old metal cart with the reinforced wire…

And the nifty oil can! We had to decide who was Mike and who was Frank. When it was decided that Aaron would play Frank–we pointed out every oil can to him.

I’m crazy for old bath hardware…

… and shop bins! Wouldn’t these be great storage bins in a craft room?

Aaron found this sweet old painted shelf in the barn–how great is this paint?

Old molding and bits of of an old gym floor came home with us, too!

We’re crazy for bead board cabinets! This one lived in a tool shop.

A peek on the inside! How fun will this be after a little sprucing up?

Oooh… and this is one of our favorite finds–check-row wire! We’ve been wanting some of this for a long time now–what a lucky find!

It looks like we’ve got our work cut out for us! Check back to see how these finds look after a lot of cleaning and a little love…

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