Pumpkins + High Heels…..

…Why not! Here are some fabulous luncheon tables designed by Mike Hillis of Hillis and Company that paired Poverty Hills pumpkins with high heeled shoes. Isn’t it great how the soft greys in the shoes coordinate with the heirloom blues and corals of our patch? I love how the rustic straw softens the whole look, … Continue reading

Pumpkin Care and Handling Guide

Poverty Hills’ Guide to Pumpkin Care and Handling As you are decorating with pumpkins this season, be sure to keep these tips in mind: Start with a pumpkin that has no scratches or cuts to the skin. Any breaks in the skin will allow bacteria in to start the decomposition process. Avoid using pumpkins with … Continue reading

Farm Fresh

Last week we got to go on a rescue mission to a farm in North-Central Nebraska. This was the coolest farm! This place had been in the same family since 1904 and was so incredibly rich with history and great stories! It was definitely the first farm place I had ever been on that had … Continue reading