Going pumpkin huntin’!

It’s (almost) my favorite time of year!

The three of us just went on a ‘pumpkin hunt’ through the patch to see what was growing! We had so much fun tip toeing through the vines pointing out our finds to each other. Here’s a sneak peek of what this fall will bring….

Here we go Miss Evie!

Our favorite small black ones are back! We can tell these aren’t quite ready yet because they get this great ‘moldy’ look to their skin when they are ripe.

The flat salmon ones are some of my favorites. I love the color, and lots of ribs–too!

What a great year this will be for white pumpkins of all shapes and sizes!

When this medium sized variety is ripe it turns a nice, deep red color. LOVE that stem!

Everywhere you look there is something else to see!

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One Response to “Going pumpkin huntin’!”
  1. Laurie Owens says:

    Can’t wait for pumpkins! Glad you are having a good crop.

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