Picked at the peak of perfection…

IMG_6713Not just any pumpkin farmer ruins a pair of perfectly good new gloves…

It takes a fussy pumpkin farmer to ruin a new pair of gloves. Aaron recently bought this pair of pumpkin pickin’ gloves at the local Wahoo hardware store. Shortly after he got home with the gloves–he took a pair of scissors and clipped off the tip of both thumbs.


You may not know this, but the best way to tell if a pumpkin is ripe enough to pick is to do the “thumbnail test”. If a pumpkin resists the indentation of your thumbnail, it is ready. If your thumbnail leaves a mark on the shell, it’s best to leave the pumpkin on the vine. Every single pumpkin that is picked at Poverty Hills Farm is given this test to make sure it is ready to be plucked from the vine.

Well……. we are pretty fussy farmers, so that’s not all we do!

After the pumpkins are harvested, are thoroughly washed and loaded by hand into a trailer with a custom rubber floor. The rubber floor was installed to ensure that no scratches or bruises will occur during transportation. Any scratches to the pumpkin shell will result in bacteria entering the shell, which will cause the pumpkin to decompose faster.

Once they are loaded, they are taken to our curing shed. In the curing shed they are disinfected with a mild bleach solution to remove any bacteria from the field, so they are ready to go anywhere from your porch to your dining room table, or mantle. Finally, they are stored out of the sun with good air circulation until they are ready to taken to market.

Why so much work?

Our goal is to produce the highest quality pumpkins around!

One Response to “Picked at the peak of perfection…”
  1. alice hanson says:

    Boy howdy I love your pumpkins! They are wonderful. Glad I found your site. the ghostie kins are darling! have wonderful shows.
    smiles, alice

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