Pumpkins that actually look like… well pumpkins!

One of my favorites!

It’s always exciting what you stumble onto in the patch….

Aaron was thrilled to find a Fourth of July surprise! A pumpkin that was grown up enough to look like a real pumpkin instead of a pumpkin “bud” in the patch last weekend! This particular variety is a favorite of mine… a flattened white heirloom variety that makes a nice addition to a pumpkin “stack” as well as being a feature in center of a table or buffet… and look at that stem to boot!

Even though this pumpkin looks pretty well grown up, it still needs about a month more to before it’s ready to pick. We are always really particular about waiting until just the right moment to pluck them from their vines. If they are picked too early, the shell hasn’t hardened and the pumpkin won’t last as long!

The picture below is a mystery to us! This plant is found in the same row as the variety above, but this one seems to have freckles! Hmmm…. I wonder what he will look like when he grows up!


One Response to “Pumpkins that actually look like… well pumpkins!”
  1. Love all your gorgeous pumpkins! Green ones are my favorite. I found your awesome site from Hodge Podge by Amanda. This has been a joy.

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