Where is Tuxpan?

The coolest pumpkin seed... from Tuxpan!

The coolest pumpkin seed... from Tuxpan!

“Whoa! Look at these!!”

I exclaimed to Aaron when I shook the seeds from their packet into my palm as I was preparing to plant them in the soil. These had to be the biggest, weirdest seeds I had ever seen! I turned them over in my hands examining the oversized shimmery white seeds that were ringed in a wide silver band. Where did they come from?

I grabbed the seed packed and checked the name… “Pumpkins from Tuxpan”. Tuxpan?…………Where?

Well, come to find out after a few google searches later, Tuxpan (pronounced TOOSHpahn) is a city in the Mexican state of Veracruz. Tuxpan is an ancient Aztec word meaning “Place of Rabbits”. (Hmmm… that’s a little ironic… what every gardener wants to hear!)

After digging a little deeper, I discovered that this particular variety is widely grown in Mexico not only for it’s attractive green and white striping, but also for it’s large, nutty tasty seeds that can be found in many foods including desserts–and that they are enjoyed raw, or toasted!

Toasted, huh? Well… we might just have to do that!


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